4 Apps That Can Improve Restaurant Customer Service

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An eatery
could have some of the greatest entrees in town, but if customer
service at the establishment is lacking, the chairs for a restaurant
will go unfilled more often than not. While good training and prompt
service has always helped in this arena, technology has made offering
great customer service even easier. In fact, the following apps can
take a restaurant’s customer service from "so-so" to 5-star

One of the
most time-consuming tasks at a restaurant is keeping up with, and
closing out, tabs. While many restaurants don’t run tabs, those that
have a few bar tables around would be handicapping themselves by not
doing so. As it turns out, running tabs also makes the customer
experience easier too, and TabbedOut can simplify this process.

TabbedOut, patrons can open their own tab, place orders throughout
the night, keep tabs on their total, pay their bill and even split
the check between friends. This means guests don’t have to wait for
servers and bartenders to go back and forth between the chairs for a
restaurant to take orders and close out tabs.

Making life
easier on customers is a central tenet to customer service, and
TabbedOut does this impressively.

One of the
most annoying things for restaurant patrons is waiting for a table.
Many restaurants don’t take reservations, and on a busy night, this
could mean guests sitting around for 30 minutes or more waiting on a
table. Luckily, HostUs can streamline this process.

restaurateur who signs up with HostUs can allow their guests – even
walk ins – to get their name on the wait list instantaneously. The
app can also alert customers when their table is ready, and for
restaurants that do take reservations, HostUs makes the process
simple. No more having to wait around in a crowded lobby for a
hostess to call out the right name.

The Yelp app
allows restaurateurs to constantly stay abreast of the reviews being
left about their eatery. When a negative review comes in, whether
it’s related to slow service or a wobbly bistro chair, a restaurant
manager needs the ability to respond quickly.

On review
sites like Yelp, it’s not enough to simply apologize. Respond to the
review with how the issue is being rectified. Doing this quickly
will ensure that potential patrons reading the site immediately
notice the eatery is trying to make things right. This is essential
when information is spread at the speed of light, and Yelp assists
restaurants in keeping pace.

DineTime is
mentioned last because it accomplishes many of the same features as
the previously mentioned apps. As an added benefit, though, it does
this all in a single app. It can organize reservations, manage wait
lists, and even allows for customizable floor maps.

In addition,
it will track analytics and can also predict wait times. There is a
free version of this app, but the paid version offers many more
features. For a restaurateur willing to spend a little money, this
could prove to be the all-in-one customer service app they’ve always

The chairs
for a restaurant need to be consistently filled with happy customers.
If an eatery cannot pull this off, their sales are going to suffer,
and in the end, this could result in a failed business. Fortunately,
it’s no longer necessary to go it alone. The aforementioned apps
will prove to be a blessing when it comes to customer service.