4 Apps Every Restaurateur Should Be Using

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Restaurant App

things in the food and beverage industry must still be done manually. These include everything from cleaning
restaurant furniture to locking up at the end of the night. Many things in the industry, however, have
now gone digital. In fact, a great amount
of the work restaurateurs undertake can now be accomplished via smartphone
apps. For culinary entrepreneurs, the
following could forever change the way they do things.

most effective apps are those that combine several features into one. Partender is one of those apps. On any given day, an influx of patrons in the
restaurant booths could lead to an unexpected inventory level. Partender helps combat this by doing full
inventory on an eatery’s kitchen and bar.

the app allows restaurateurs to place orders for items they need in a
jiffy. The app even provides analytics
and the cost of goods sold. Partender is
a powerful inventory tool on all levels, so everyone who invests in restaurant
dining sets for a living should utilize the app.

aptly named app, Restaurateur, makes it quite obvious who the program is
catering to. This app is perfect for the
individual in the process of purchasing commercial restaurant equipment for
their first store or a new location. Why? Because it makes opening a
location far simpler than going it alone.

budding culinary entrepreneur can simply enter vital information related to
their plans, such as necessary square footage and expected prices, and Restaurateur
will provide a wealth of information necessary to make a real estate
decision. It even provides data on the
expected losses or gains, and when an eatery can expect to break even.

has proven to be a friend of many restaurateurs but the bane of others’
existence. In reality, it’s all how you
treat the site. It simply cannot be
ignored, because an eatery will be on the site regardless of whether the owner
wants it there or not.

the Yelp app makes it simple to keep up with reviews being posted. Even if the owner is states away from their
restaurant furniture and employees, they can see when reviews are posted. This gives them an immediate opportunity to
respond with a promise to make things right, so even a negative review can turn
into a positive.

NoWait Host
the front of house (FOH) can be time consuming and expensive. NoWait Host, however, makes this much
easier. Thinking of purchasing expensive
pagers to decrease the hectic nature of Friday nights when cafe chairs are
packed to the max? Don’t bother, since NoWait Host handles wait lists, server rotation and
floor management. It’s the all-in-one
FOH tool every restaurateur needs.

a relatively new adage, but the phrase "there’s an app for
everything" rings true in the culinary industries. Whether on the go or relaxing in the
restaurant furniture after the last patron leaves, the aforementioned apps can
go a long way in making a restaurant owner’s life simpler.