3 Ways a Restaurant Booth can be Your Best Investment

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The lowly restaurant booth has come a long way from the days
when it was relegated to the local grease pit. Stuck in teen-hangouts, it
quickly got a poor reputation, which few higher-end restaurants wanted to
touch. However, the booth has a lot to offer, if you only know where to look.

Save on Chairs for a Restaurant

A standard six top will need six chairs, at a minimum. If
more than six try to sit around the same table, things get awkward quickly.
Booths avoid the issue of having to own so many chairs, and they offer the
opportunity to seat more people in the same space. Why? The math is simple; a
child who requires their own chair can cuddle in quite nicely with mom and dad.
It is easy to put a couple of young kids between two adults seated in a
booth. An added advantage is that they
can’t get out onto the serving floor easily, increasing safety.

Flexible Sizes and Shapes

Tables and chairs, no matter how updated, are still pretty
standardized. Round or rectangular tables are surrounded by chairs of equally
routine design. The right manufacturer can offer a nearly endless selection of
booths and tables to fit your specific restaurant. Corners are more efficiently
used, and families get to sit together in an intimate setting, a little removed
from the rest of the guests.

Don’t mistake today’s booths for those you would find at
low-end dining establishments in the past. Not at all! Today you will find
booths made from fine leathers, with features typically reserved for high-end
furniture making. This helps them last
longer while offering beauty and style.

Space Saving Equals more Room for Customers

The very design of booths allows you to increase the number
of people you are serving. Since many booths are designed in such a way as to
have seating on both sides, this eliminates the need for a walking space. You
can always include a number of coordinated tables in the middle of the floor if
you prefer to give smaller tables to single diners or couples who are looking
for a less enclosed area in which to eat.

Make more Money

Did you know that several studies indicate that guests
seated at booths spend more and often tip better? Just the structure of a booth
offers about 30% more seating. More people usually mean more money. The
intimacy of a booth also encourages couples to spend more time chatting, which
leads to ordering more food.

In order to ensure that this is true, invest in comfy
seating and warm materials. Cushioning is well worth the investment and a kid-friendly
material which can be easily cleaned is ideal. Talk to your supplier today and
make the transition to booths.