3 Underutilized Tips to Bringing In New Restaurant Patrons

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Restaurant Friends

Every restaurateur hopes that each night they’re open will bring with it full bar tables and a constant influx of patrons.  And while keeping current customers happy is a great way to do this, it’s also essential to consistently bring in new guests.  While everyone knows the tried-and-true methods, such as offering Facebook discounts or hosting a happy hour, fewer culinary experts take advantage of the following underutilized tricks of the trade.

Discounts Connected to "Check Ins"
Social media has effectively taken over the world.  If there are people at the tables for restaurants, they’re no doubt occasionally checking their Facebook pages.  Restaurateurs can take advantage of this social media saturation by offering discounts related to the "check in" functions on numerous platforms.  

Advertising a promotion of 10 percent off for patrons who "check in" at a restaurant offers a variety of benefits.  In addition to attracting new guests for the discount, all of the individuals following a "checked in" person will see exactly where their friend is.  This can tip off consumers who may have never even heard of the eatery, and within days, they might just be sitting at those bar tables.

Send Out Birthday Emails
With the right marketing company or email client, restaurateurs can send out targeted messages to those on their email list who are celebrating a birthday within the month.  Of course, this will only end up occupying the restaurant furnishings with patrons who have already visited, right?  This isn’t a terrible assumption, but it is an inaccurate one.

The simple fact is that no one goes out alone to celebrate their birthday.  And if they do, they could probably really use that free drink anyway.  In all likelihood, though, they’ll have a few friends tag along.  Some of these individuals may never have visited before, and this provides a prime opportunity to create a new loyal customer.

Bring In Live Entertainment
Some people could go their whole lives without ever coming across a local restaurant in print or social media.  They’re more likely to keep up with their favorite local band or up-and-coming comedian.  Restaurateurs should take advantage of this fact.  Offer to host these types of live entertainers and announce the event on social media.

Additionally, most local newspapers have "Upcoming Event" sections online.  Make sure to post the upcoming entertainment there as well.  Restaurateurs should keep in mind that they won’t be the only ones advertising this happening.  The performer will send the message out on their own social media pages, and this can result in droves of new patrons occupying the seating for restaurants.  

There are a variety of marketing and outreach tips that restaurateurs can use to get new guests at their bar tables.  It’s important, especially for culinary entrepreneurs on a budget, to utilize any of these methods that don’t break the bank. Fortunately, the aforementioned fall right in that category and can create new customers for life.