3 Restaurant Trends for 2017 You Must Prepare For

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Running a successful restaurant isn’t a static task that just requires doing the same thing over and over again. Just like any other business, the food and beverage industry evolves. From the popularity of booths versus bistro chairs to the foods that are trendy at any given moment, just about anything can change over time. The restaurant trends of 2017 will certainly transform the industry in a variety of ways, and if the following trends could affect your eatery, it’s essential that you prepare for them.

1. People Want New Food Experiences
Even the youngest of Millennials are over the age of 21 now, and this means the large age cohort will be filling up your bar tables. Marketers across the country are focusing on discovering ways to appeal to these young adults, but luckily for restaurateurs, it can be as easy as providing new food experiences.

Millennials want to experience new things, and if a restaurant can consistently provide that in the form of cuisine, it’s likely to keep this age cohort sitting in the bistro chairs. Restaurateurs should offer unique dishes that most local eateries don’t. It also doesn’t hurt to have special menus every so often with temporary cuisine for people to experience.

2. A Move Towards Automation
It’s becoming more inexpensive to cook great meals at home, and because of this, the difficulty of convincing people to occupy a restaurant booth for a meal has increased. In essence, diners are looking for a mixture of convenience and affordability if they’re going to go out. Luckily, automation technology allows restaurants to offer this for everyone sitting in their bistro chairs.

There are now “chatbots,” for instance, that allow people to make restaurant reservations right over their phones. There are a variety of apps that do this as well. Many eateries are also experimenting with small tablets that let patrons pay right from their table. For especially innovative restaurateurs, it’s even possible to offer food delivery via drone.

3. The Rise of Purple Food
While it may sound strange, industry insiders believe one of the main restaurant and food trends for 2017 will be purple foods. Some restaurateurs may not even know foods like purple cauliflower, purple carrots and black rice even exist, but many of their potential guests do.

This fad is, as expected, related directly to the health food craze. Purple foods have a higher level of antioxidants than other foods. Carrots with a purple hue, for instance, contain about 28 percent more of a key antioxidant than their traditional orange counterparts. It may take a bit of research or an additional restaurant supplier to pull it off, but the marketing potential of purple foods is well worth it.

A restaurateur simply cannot keep their bistro chairs full if they’re not paying attention to industry trends. While doing the same old thing might appeal to your most loyal customers, it does little for bringing in new guests. Take the time to do your homework on the restaurant trends of 2017, and you’ll have a better chance of succeeding in the new year.