3 Local Marketing Rules Successful Restaurants Abide By

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chain restaurants have a vested interest in getting their product seen across
the country, but this simply isn’t the case for local eateries trying to fill
up their restaurant booths. In fact,
unless a restaurateur has opened multiple locations in a region, they really
only need to focus on getting the word out to the surrounding area. Fortunately, there are great local marketing
ideas that can do just that.

Take Part in Local Events
of the best ways to gain attention and esteem in the local area is to
participate in community events. This
serves a variety of purposes, and if the event is focused on charity or
non-profit work, a restaurant’s cafe tables and chairs will soon be filled up
with patrons who respect socially responsible businesses.

of the nature of the event, though, an eatery will get the free publicity
provided by the local news media. Community events get attention in newspapers, local programming and
social media. Being a part of these
events, even if sponsoring is necessary to get noticed, is a genius idea for
local marketing.

Get Listed on All Local
overwhelming majority of consumers now conduct online searches before making
any purchasing decision, and this includes which eateries’ restaurant booths
they’ll be sitting in that night. When
they perform these searches, some of the first pages that pop up are Yelp and
Yahoo Local. Having a presence on these
sites is essential, but don’t stop there.

are several other websites that every restaurant should claim their profile on.
These include YellowPages, Zomato and Zagat. All of these pages are trusted resources, and they’re very likely to
come up on the front page when someone is searching for a local restaurant to
enjoy. Using
sites is the first step in ensuring none of the bar tables are empty on Friday

Focus on Local SEO
creating a website, even search engine optimization novices understand that
including local keywords is essential. Eateries in New York City, for instance, don’t squander a chance to
include "best NYC restaurant," "restaurants in New York
City" and similar phrases right on their web pages. Every restaurateur should do this, but it’s important
to take this a step further.

engaged in content marketing, which every restaurant owner should be, it’s
imperative to also include local keywords. Even though content marketing’s apparent goal is to inform the customer,
strategically planting local SEO terminology will go a long way.

creates more interlinked pages focused on these keywords and improves a site’s
search ranking in the local area. It’s
also smart for restaurateurs to consider providing guest blogs to other sites
with backlinks to their own. Again, this
increases search ranking, and in the end, this means more eyes from the local

an eatery isn’t all about getting nice restaurant booths and theme-focused
d├ęcor. While these and other aspects are
important, they cannot remove the need for effective local restaurant
marketing. Fortunately, getting this job
done right is simply a matter of knowing how to do it.