3 Great Ways to Market Restaurant Events

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Restaurant Event

loves attending a live event, and for restaurateurs, it could be one of the
best modes of filling up their pub tables and chairs on any given night. Whether it’s a local comedian, live music,
charity drive or trivia contest, these events are a great way to get more
attention in the local area. Of course,
that’s only if they’re promoted appropriately, and these are some of the best
ways to accomplish that.

Create an Event Page on
Social Media
huge uprising in Egypt, which would eventually come to be known as the Arab
Spring, was precipitated by announcing events on social media. If this type of marketing can lead to regime
change in a country, how in the world could it not get the word out about a live
restaurant event? Facebook makes
creating events and inviting fans relatively easy, so this is a great place to

get the ball rolling, a restaurateur should invite all of their friends on
Facebook to the event. If nothing else,
this will land a few trusted people at the pub tables and chairs. Fortunately, their friends will see they’re
attending this event, and this means hundreds of people could learn of the event
with just one "Attending" click.

sure to share the event via the eatery’s social media page as well. This way, people who already enjoy occupying
the restaurant booths for great food will have even more incentive to stop by.

Get Extra Sponsors
of what type of event is being held, there will be other businesses in the
local area that would be perfect sponsors. If a local band is playing, there’s undoubtedly a music store who would
take part. Charitable event to raise
money? Just about any business would
love to get in on that.

gaining additional sponsors and making their participation obvious, such as
through social media posts and flyers, it provides incentive for other
businesses to market it themselves. Additionally, this fosters great inter-business relationships, and that
can never hurt in marketing.

Splurge on Social Media
Ads for Once
restaurant equipment can be expensive, so it’s no surprise that many eateries
can’t expend money on ads to fill up the bar tables. After all, free marketing efforts, such as
email and non-promoted Facebook posts, do relatively well on their own. When it comes to getting those pub tables and
chairs full for a live event, though, it’s okay to splurge.

best thing about social media ads is that they can be targeted towards exact
demographics. Is a local jazz band
playing? Pinpoint those ads to people in
the local area who have expressed interest in jazz-focused social media

about that charity event? Again, focus on the local area, but this time, set
parameters to focus on people who like socially conscious pages or causes. Whatever the event, there’s a specific
demographic that restaurateurs should target.

an event is a great way to stand out among the competition, and this is just as
true in the restaurant industry as anywhere else. If patrons have the option between sitting
down for an ordinary meal or taking up space at the pub tables and chairs of a
restaurant hosting an event, it’s the latter that will win in most cases.