3 Excuses Restaurants Need to Stop Using Now

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Restaurant Owner

and maintaining a successful restaurant is a huge task. It requires commitment and a seemingly
overwhelming amount of hard work. The
payoff, though, comes when the restaurant dining chairs are filled to capacity
on any given night. Unfortunately,
getting to this point can be difficult, and for restaurants using these tired
and inadequate excuses, the battle is even more uphill.

Good Help Is Hard to Find
patrons are sitting at bar tables five minutes before a server stops by, or a
simple hamburger takes 30 minutes to make its way out of the kitchen, there’s
obviously an employee problem going on. This leads restaurateurs to simply say it’s difficult to find good
help. In reality, though, it could be
the company culture that the owner created that’s only attracting
mediocre-to-awful potential employees.

again, a restaurant could be attracting great talent but still end up with
second-rate results. This can be related
to bad training, lack of employee incentive or simply a negative work
environment. What all of these things
have in common is that they can be changed. So if a restaurateur wants to fill up the cafe tables, the "hard to
find good help" excuse should be retired.

No Money for Marketing
the restaurant dining chairs to be packed on any given night, an eatery must
have an effective marketing campaign. Of
course, it’s understandable that many of these establishments don’t have the
marketing budget of big name or national chain restaurants. This isn’t an excuse, however, to not engage
in effective marketing tactics.

media marketing, for instance, is nothing more than a free opportunity to gain
more attention. Sure, tossing a few
dollars towards an ad on Facebook makes it even more effective, but for a
restaurant that produces good content, such as culinary articles or great pictures
of main dishes, it’s not really necessary to spend a dime. With social media, email and guerrilla
marketing methods providing a cheap alternative, there’s no excuse to fail in

Purchasing Retail Is
who has worked in a restaurant has at one point seen a manager go on a store
run for something that’s been "86’d." In most cases, this is the result of an unexpectedly busy day and only
occurs as a last resort. As it turns
out, though, there are also restaurateurs who make a habit of purchasing food
at retail stores rather than from a restaurant supplier – because they think
it’s cheaper.

for these budding culinary entrepreneurs, nothing could be further from the
truth. When one combines gas money to
pick up supplies with the man hours and potential liability if the errand
runner gets injured en route, opting out of using a distributor is definitely
not more affordable.

dining chairs don’t get packed on Friday nights because great excuses were
made. They fill up only when
restaurateurs drop the excuses and strive to create a successful business. No one ever said success in the food and
beverage industry would be easy, but it’s well worth the trials it takes to get