3 Benefits of Mobile Responsive Websites for Restaurants

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Restaurant Mobile

food and drinks go a long way in filling up a restaurant’s bar tables, but even
these don’t guarantee success in the face of shortcomings in other areas. If a restaurateur drops the ball on their
website design, for instance, it could have a detrimental effect on their
digital marketing. One of the biggest
mistakes an individual can make in this department is failing to have a mobile
responsive website. This is why every
restaurateur should understand the benefits of these websites.

Mobile Responsive Design Holds
People’s Attention
a restaurant’s content marketing and SEO game is on point, local individuals
will eventually come across their website. This, in itself, is half the battle. Unfortunately, not having a mobile-friendly website can end this battle
within seconds. That’s because over 60
percent of mobile users say they’d quickly hit the back button and choose
another site if their first choice wasn’t geared towards their mobile device.

a world where people are just as apt to occupy the restaurant booth furniture
of one eatery as the other, the aforementioned statistic can be
detrimental. If 10 people suddenly come
across a restaurant’s website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices, six of
those individuals will just move on. Keeping customers’ attention? It
might just be the best benefit of mobile-friendly websites.

Improved Search Engine
one point, a website could move up Google’s rankings by just using the right
keywords and having a few great backlinks. This is no longer the case. Google’s algorithm is so advanced that it now focuses on user
experience, and since mobile responsive websites have been shown to improve
that experience, Google puts a high value on these sites.

means that two restaurants, which could be alike in every single way save for a
mobile-friendly website, will be treated far differently on Google. In essence, failing to have a website geared
towards mobile devices will result in search engine ranking penalization. Since Google boasts a 67 percent market share
in the online search arena, this can essentially kill a restaurant’s online

Mobile Devices Are the
Ideal Environment for Restaurants
consumers don’t sit on the computer researching the eatery with the best pub
table and chairs in an area before choosing a restaurant. In fact, many people are simply on the go and
want to find a nearby establishment where they can grab a quick bite to eat in
the middle of the day. Because of this,
it’s essential for restaurants to focus more on mobile design.

they’re searching for an eatery near their next subway stop or an alternative
for the restaurant they’ve eaten at every day for a week, consumers will search
with mobile devices. Having a
mobile-friendly website increases the chances they’ll choose a certain
restaurant, and in the end, this is the first step in getting lifelong

has changed the world, and as more people begin accessing the internet
exclusively on their mobile devices, restaurateurs will need to evolve to
improve marketing practices.
If they don’t, keeping those bar tables full
will become much more difficult.