2016 Food Trends That Every Restaurateur Should Know

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Fried Chicken

successful in any business takes hard work, but creating a prosperous
restaurant could be one of the most difficult. From picking out the right restaurant furniture to hiring the right
waitstaff, there are numerous things that restaurateurs have to stay on top
of. One of the most important, though,
is food trends. What’s popular today may
not be tomorrow, so recognizing the food trends of 2016 now is essential.

No-Waste Meals
restaurant-goer has taken home leftovers at some point. They feel better about not wasting their food
or money by doing this. There’s a new
trend, though, which really began to emerge in 2015, that has restaurateurs jumping
on the bandwagon. It’s the idea of the
no-waste kitchen, and by the end of 2016, many consumers will be seeking out
eateries based on this very trend.

no-waste kitchen movement takes the idea of "no waste" to the next
level. The foods that a kitchen would
usually throw out, such as misshapen pasta or vegetable pulp, are now being
used to create entirely new dishes. Considering how much the environmentally-friendly trend has grown over
the years, there’s little doubt that this movement will pick up steam.

owner who hopes to fill up their restaurant furniture with the socially
conscious shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Everyone Delivers From
Now On
delivery is a great way for a restaurant to snag additional business. After all, many people want the amazing food
of a restaurant without actually having to leave their home. So even if the restaurant furniture isn’t
consistently full, an eatery could still be making money. As many restaurateurs know, though, offering
delivery isn’t always viable.

here on out, however, it will be. The
advent of Amazon Prime Now, Google Express and UberEATS mean people will be
able to have food delivered from restaurants that don’t offer delivery. Restaurateurs who want to take advantage of
these programs must first sign up to be included in the service. Additionally, offering curbside pickup will
help people get their food in a timely manner.

Fried Chicken Is Stepping
fried chicken sandwiches have long been a culinary staple south of the Mason-Dixon
line, but it seems as if their appeal has gone much more mainstream. Eateries across the country are filling up
their restaurant booths with those excited to try these fried delights, but
these aren’t the simple chicken sandwiches most people are used to.

restaurant, in fact, is offering fried chicken sandwiches wrapped in a hoagie
with macaroni and cheese. Yet another
eatery offers up chicken sandwiches on pumpkin spiced donuts. Consumers are falling in love with this
crunchy delicacy, but a restaurateur can get a bit more attention if they put a
new spin on the old favorite.

successful in the restaurant industry means staying relevant, and the only way
to do that is by staying current with food trends. For a budding entrepreneur who can keep their
restaurant furniture filled with those seeking out new dining experiences, the
sky really is the limit.