What’s Hot in 2015

Each new year brings new trends to the restaurant business – last year it was kale and gluten free menu items, this year we can expect a slightly different offering of fares to bring the customers in. Continuing with the trend of health and environmental consciousness, restaurant owners will need to keep expanding their horizons … Continue Reading »

The High Top Table Trend

If you’ve gone to multiple restaurants within the last year, you’ve noticedthat a good many of them have added high top tables to their dining areas. It’s not quite clear where the trend started, but it seems pretty easy to see that people are eating it up. From your local bar to the most popular … Continue Reading »

How the New Menu Rules Affect You

You have undoubted heard the news that the new Food & Drug Administration regulations stating that restaurants with over 20 different locations must include calorie counts on their menus for all food items go into effect soon. And you’re probably asking yourself “how will this affect my business?” Well, for most small establishments, this rule … Continue Reading »