5 Restaurant Event Ideas that Will Bring People In

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, June 25, 2018

If you’ve ever gone into the front of your eatery and seen empty restaurant dining tables, you understand the need for better marketing tactics. As it turns out, though, maybe it’s not always about viral posts and great discounts. There are several events you could host at your eatery that will also attract the crowds. A few specials during these events won’t hurt, but it’s the events themselves that will get people excited.

Karaoke Night
One of the most successful yet underutilized restaurant event ideas is karaoke night. People love having a few beers, getting up to sing a popular song and then heading back to their bar table for a shot. Even people who don’t plan on singing will show up for karaoke night just to see their friends acting silly with a microphone.

If you’re going this route, just remember that it takes a little planning. Find a karaoke host who has been in the business for a while. They typically bring their own equipment. Additionally, check around town for when other establishments host their karaoke nights. You may want to avoid scheduling during these times since more established eateries may be trying to pack their restaurant dining tables as well.

Trivia Night
Similar to karaoke night, trivia events will bring in droves of people who may have otherwise never stepped foot into your eatery. Just like karaoke professionals, trivia hosts usually bring their own gear. In most cases, though, they will want a television so that the questions can be displayed where the entire room can see them.

Once again, do a little research and see when other trivia nights are occurring throughout your town. Even if the only available nights are during the middle of the week, trivia contests are capable of bringing people out on any day.

Cooking Classes
Let’s say for a moment that Wednesdays are overwhelmingly slow for your eatery. One quick way to bring in additional people would be through hosting cooking classes. Some eateries hold these events for free, but most require a ticket purchase. This is an acceptable expense for many people because, following the cooking class, the attendees get to enjoy their dish.

Charity Events
It’s not especially feasible to have a charity event every single week, but by hosting one periodically, you’ll garner the attention of your local community. People who may have never even heard of your eatery will take note if you’re holding an event for a cause they’re interested in. The event can be anything from “20% of profits go to this local charity” to “silent auction of donated items.” Whatever the case, a little philanthropy can go a long way.

It’s impossible to guarantee that the restaurant dining tables will be full on any given night. By hosting any of these great restaurant events, though, you can certainly increase the likelihood of this occurring. Take the time to plan out these events and make sure they’re worth showing up to. While attendance may start out slow, great events and a little persistence will change that over time. 


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