5 Benefits of Using Twitter for Your Restaurant Marketing

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Restaurateurs around the globe have recognized the importance of having a strong presence on Facebook. Many have even realized how powerful Instagram can be in their marketing. When it comes to filling up the bar tables, though, far too many culinary entrepreneurs overlook the usefulness of Twitter. There are several benefits of using Twitter for restaurant marketing, but even one of them should be enough for you to consider utilizing the platform.

1. Helps You Keep Up on Restaurant Trends
Although keeping up with industry trends on Twitter won’t directly lead to more business, it can do so indirectly. Follow as many influencers in the culinary world as you can, and when you’re sending out tweets yourself, you’ll notice all the emerging trends from your industry. This can help you be at the forefront of new restaurant technology, services and news.

2. Gives a Human Face to the Brand
One of the great things about Twitter is that it speaks to people on a more personal level. Whether you are part of a national franchise, have your own chain of regional locations or just opened your first restaurant, Twitter allows you to show consumers your human side. This is important in a world where people feel as if companies are nothing more than giant corporations who only care about their money.

3. Content Can Be Seen by All
If you were to share something on a Facebook page with zero followers, that post would literally get seen by no one. That’s certainly not a good way to pack the bar tables. On Twitter, however, you don’t need a huge following. Your tweets can show up in someone’s feed simply because they searched for a word you mentioned. This gives you a great opportunity to piggyback on trending topics.

4. Organic Search Rank Increase
If Twitter does nothing else for your restaurant, you can rest assured that it will improve your establishment’s search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an essential part of making any restaurant a success. Every page on the internet based on your brand—especially if it links back to your website and other social platforms—improves the likelihood that you’ll be found in a Google search query.

5. Great Way to Solve Problems
If a patron has a problem while visiting your establishment, it’s unlikely that they’ll say anything while there. If they get home and have to visit your website—then fill out a complaint form—just to let you know they’re unhappy, they probably won’t do so.

This means you’ve let an upset customer leave who will never let you know why they’re not coming back. Twitter, on the other hand, allows patrons to voice their concerns with immediacy. This means you can work to remedy the situation and keep their business. Even better is that this will be in the public sphere, so other potential patrons will see that you care.

Whether you’re trying to fill up bar tables or pack every café chair in the building, the benefits of Twitter for restaurant marketing will help you do just that. It might not be the largest social media platform out there, but it certainly has some of the most engaged users. And when you’re running any business, isn’t that exactly what you want?


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