Restaurateur Books from 2017 that You Should Read Now

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Whether your main sellers are finger foods for bar table crowds or fancy coffees for the hip groups occupying your café chairs, there are some necessities for success that remain constant. Of course, these integral aspects of running an eatery don’t typically come naturally. Culinary entrepreneurs must take in as much knowledge as possible if they hope to succeed. With that being the case, here are a few restaurateur books that proved vital throughout 2017.

State Bird Provisions
When it comes to the important restaurateur books of 2017, it only makes sense that some recipe books would make the list. In State Bird Provisions, the authors share their secrets from years of catering and creating one of the most pioneering new restaurants in America. There are a variety of easy recipes for small dishes that can easily be added to your appetizer menu.

Of course, a book focusing solely on appetizers wouldn’t likely be one of the most important of 2017. That’s why State Bird Provisions also has step-by-step instructions on how to make fancy meals such as fried quail with stewed onions. Even if you only utilize a few of these recipes, they’ll be exciting additions to your menu.

Out of Line: A Life of Playing with Fire
In Out of Line, Barbara Lynch tells the story of how she made her way from a rough childhood to being listed as one of the most influential people in 2017. You may recognize Lynch as a judge from the popular show Top Shelf, and unlike other restauranteur books, this is a memoir. This doesn’t mean the book isn’t worth reading, though, since you can follow Lynch’s story to help create your own measure of success.

Lynch maps out her path to building a food empire, but she also reiterates the importance of remembering your roots. While you may have started out as a small eatery with just a few café chairs and tables, you’ve got plenty of room to move up, but don’t ever forget where you started.

Road Food
The 10th edition of Road Food follows in the footsteps of its previous volumes that started way back in 1977. While your brand and concept may be original, it’s rare that the meals at a restaurant are completely unique. Even if no one has ever heard of a dish before, there were likely small additions created through inspiration garnered from other meals. This is where Road Food comes in.

This book lists over 1,000 hidden gems and local hotspots to visit across the country. Even though you’re undoubtedly busy, everyone needs a vacation occasionally. When you finally do break away from the restaurant dining sets and end-of-night paperwork, you should take a moment to visit some of these eateries. You never know what inspiration you’ll find out on the road.

There were scores of restaurateur books released in 2017, and you should read as many as possible without cutting into your work or family life. Keep in mind that there may be several other books out there that you’ll enjoy more than these three, but you’ll only figure that out if you take the time to read a few. While you might be an expert at getting the café chairs full, these books show that there’s always room for improvement. 


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