How Restaurants Can Use Snapchat for Marketing

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Restaurateurs, just like other business owners, have mostly discovered just how powerful images can be for local marketing. Whether it's a photo of friends in bistro chairs having fun or just a simple image of the “Special of the Day,” posting these to social media is a great way to get attention and increase engagement. Thus far, however, most eateries are only utilizing Facebook and Twitter for this. As it turns out, there are also great things Snapchat can do for restaurant marketing.

Turn Guests into Social Media Marketers
Effective social media marketing can help fill up the restaurant booths, but why do all the work when it's possible to get guests involved instead? By offering even small incentives, culinary entrepreneurs can get their customers to advertise for them via Snapchat.

Doing this can be as simple as offering a discount for patrons who snap an in-restaurant photo and send it out via their Snapchat accounts. All of their friends will see this, and it will garner more attention for the eatery. Some even make it more exciting by turning the promotion into a game.

Let customers know they can immediately receive 10, 20 or 50 percent off their meal by sending out a snap right from their bistro chair. This adds a level of excitement as they hope for the “big” prize.

Tell a Snapchat Story
The focus of Snapchat has long been to simply post a single image or video that will quickly delete itself. With Snapchat Stories, however, restaurateurs can post even more and have followers see all the posts brought together to tell a single story.

This story feature allows business owners to keep videos and images together in an individual story throughout the day. It could be as simple as making posts that show how everything works on an average day or even telling everyone how a live event is unfolding as it takes place.

Followers will be able to view these stories for up to 24 hours, so more fans will have their eyes on the posts in addition to feeling like they're a part of an important event or activity.

Monitor Customer Feedback
Whether the atmosphere in an eatery is more conducive to bar tables or bistro chairs, one thing that remains important is customer feedback. People rarely take the time to call in when they have an issue anymore; they're far more likely to post something on social media.

By following the Snapchat chatter about their eatery, a restaurateur can find out relatively quickly if someone experienced a problem. Even better is the fact that patrons can do this “on the go” instead of logging in to restaurant review sites. Although marketing is essential, word of mouth is still one of the most powerful forces in the food and beverage industry. Take the time to monitor this word of mouth on Snapchat and quickly fix issues as they arise.

Snapchat might not be the social media juggernaut that Facebook has become, but it certainly has found a place in the local marketing arena for restaurants. Take time to implement an effective Snapchat strategy, and those bistro chairs might just be occupied by more people than ever.


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