The High Top Table Trend

Published By: Leon Tuberman  -  Monday, January 26, 2015

High Top Tables
If you’ve gone to multiple restaurants within the last year, you’ve noticed that a good many of them have added high top tables to their dining areas. It’s not quite clear where the trend started, but it seems pretty easy to see that people are eating it up. From your local bar to the most popular 5-star restaurants, high top tables have taken over and appear to be here to stay. Just like sitting at a bar offers a certain type of drinking and dining experience, the same can be said for enjoying a meal high up off the ground. Should you add a few high top tables to your restaurant? Let’s look at some of the reasons they have such mass appeal right now, and you can see if it’s the right choice for you.

Modern Aesthetics

One of the themes of 2015 will undoubtedly be “modern and sleek." The generation that has just recently become the key demographic, loves the clean lines that simple, tall furniture provides. Whether it be from movie influences or a need to simplify things, this new generation craves a look that is visually pleasing and organized. High top tables give the impression of “class” and “dignity” whether it be in a small diner setting or the fanciest seafood restaurant.

Clean Lines
Not only do high top tables allow for a more pleasing aesthetic, they also make it easier for staff to clean up after guests have finished eating. These tables are more convenient and flexible to sweep or mop under, and don’t require quite as much back and forth moving as cafe table and chairs. This can be a benefit for restaurants that have fare that makes a bit of a mess on a regular basis, such as bars that offer peanuts or seafood establishments that pride themselves on crab legs and lots of butter!

Free Space

High top tables offer a more spacious-looking dining area for customers and staff to enjoy. Since more floor space is visible, it may give the illusion that your restaurant is larger than it actually is – which can be a good thing for a really small establishment. The high top chairs also tend to take up less space and look less clunky compared to other chairs that are low to the ground.

Don’t Over-Do It

As the old saying goes, “everything in moderation,” though it may be tempting to turn all your tables into high top, sleek, people-feeding machines, it’s important to have a variety of seating options. If you’re thinking about making the switch to high top tables, please remember to at least keep some low top tables or booths available for those customers with special needs. Though higher tables look and feel great, they are not wheelchair friendly. We recommend a little bit of each type of table to make sure your establishment is fully accessible and inviting to any type of customer who may decide to visit.


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